Aflatoxin Tests


In three or five minutes, the ROSA AFQ-FAST test enables feed and grain producers to quantitatively detect aflatoxin.


The ROSA AFQ-WETS5 Aflatoxin Quantitative Test detects aflatoxin rapidly and quantitatively utilizing ROSA (Rapid One Step Assay) lateral flow technology.

SLAFM – Charm SL Aflatoxin M1 Test

The Charm ROSA SLAFM test enables dairies and food manufacturers to detect Aflatoxin M1 visually at 350 ppt in raw, commingled cow milk.

SLAFMQ – Charm SL Aflatoxin M1 Quantitative Test

The ROSA SLAFMQ test enables dairies and food manufacturers to detect aflatoxin M1 to the US FDA action level of 0.5 ppb (500 ppt).

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