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Detect and Prevent Mycotoxins with a 50% Faster, More Consistent Mycotoxin Test

Are you looking to reduce cost and the time it takes to get reliable results when running mycotoxin tests? Learn why companies and independent inspectors made the switch to a simpler, faster, and more consistent test.

Download our competitive comparison and see how Charm beats the competition with our aflatoxin, fumonisin, vomitoxin (DON) and zearalenone tests:

  • Simplify your process
  • Cut test time by 50%
  • Get more consistent and reliable results (all Charm mycotoxin test kits are FGIS approved)


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“The board of directors for Eastern Iowa Grain Inspection & Weighing Services (EIGIS) wanted a water-based mycotoxin test kit due to insurance and safety concerns. When we began looking at test kits, Charm Sciences had a water-based kit for all the mycotoxins we test.

As we began training our employees with the help of a Charm representative, it become obvious that the kits were very user friendly and our employees were able to learn the procedures in a short period of time. ‘User friendly and Accurate’. Our insurance carrier reduced our annual premiums, due to the fact that we no longer have any highly flammable liquids onsite.

We have many customers that load 110 railcar ‘Shuttle Trains’. They need all their grades and mycotoxin results before they release the train. Charm went above and beyond to research and design a portable briefcase that we could take onsite as the railcars were being loaded. This made our customers and employees happy that when the train was done, they all could go home.”

Mark Fulmer | Eastern Iowa Grain Inspection

How It Works

Detect all 4 mycotoxins from only one water-based extraction: aflatoxin, vomitoxin (DON), fumonisin, and zearalenone.

  • Run 4 tests at once
  • Water-based, no ethanol/methanol
  • Save time with fewer steps and faster processing
  • FGIS-approved mycotoxin tests

Charm offers a range of mycotoxins including aflatoxin, vomitoxin (DON), fumonisin, ochratoxin, T2/HT2, and zearalenone across many industries: Feed, Grain, Pet Food, Coffee, Spices, Peanuts, DDGs

Detect and Prevent Mycotoxin Issues with a 50% Faster, More Consistent Test