Food Safety Solutions

Over 40 Years of Food Safety Innovation

The global demand for food variety has grown, placing tremendous pressure on food producers and suppliers across the entire supply chain, around the world. Constantly changing regulations and mandates make food safety and consistency a challenge that can be difficult for you to meet without 100% accurate, science-based solutions.

In response to this need, Charm has developed a number of food safety solutions that are specific to food producers and suppliers. You can trust Charm for your end-to-end, global food safety solutions.

For over 40 years, Charm has been providing solutions to give you and your customers peace of mind. We share our innovation, best practices, training, and technology with our customers in our effort to further global – and local – best-in-class food safety solutions and programs.

ATP Sanitation Hygiene

Instantly assess the hygienic status of your facilities’ surfaces with our science-based sanitation and hygiene solutions.

Antibiotic Detection Solutions

Our system accuracy and reliability have made us the “Gold Standard” for residue avoidance programs worldwide.

Food Allergen Tests

Avoid allergen contamination in your products with our accurate, science-based food allergen tests.

Microbial Detection

Proactively prevent contamination food and water and minimize the impact on shelf-life and product flavor.

Mycotoxin Detection

Detect a range of mycotoxins accurately, easily, and economically.

Pesticide Detection

Detect pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables and indirect contact with soil and water.

Phosphatase Detection

Confirm pasteurization of milk products early in your dairy production process and ensure production/regulation compliance.

End Product Indicator (EPIC System)

Predict spoilage in your shelf-stable, ultra-high temperature, and extended shelf life beverage products.

The number of companies impacted by FSMA requirements to substantially improve procedures and processes involving sanitation and temperature controls during transportation.

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