Viral Transport Media (VTM)

Charm Viral Transport Medium (VTM) is a non-propagating culture medium intended for transport of clinical material. VTM intended use is for transporting clinical specimens for testing with biochemical, molecular or antigen assays during the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) public health emergency.

Charm VTM is made following CDC SOP# DSR-052-05, Preparation of Viral Transport Medium under FDA device listing D411652 (Code JSG, Exempt).

Each polypropylene screw cap vial contains approximately 3 mL sterile VTM.

Vials containing sample swabs and delivered refrigerated to laboratories may be used for virus testing including COVID-19 using PCR, RNA/DNA extraction, antigen tests, or other validated diagnostic protocols.

Manufacturing and Availability

All VTM vials are manufactured at Charm Sciences facilities in the United States. Customized quantities and packaging available upon request.

Eliminate the need to order in large bulk quantities – Charm simplifies deliveries and quantities by staging automated shipments.



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