Antibiotics Overview

After pioneering the first rapid antibiotic milk test in 1978, Charm has continued its history of innovation by providing multiple industries with a variety of easy-to-use, economical, rapid antibiotic tests that enable them to meet regulatory requirements and provide consumers with safe, quality milk and dairy products.

Charm ROSA (Rapid One Step Assay) milk tests are the leading residue diagnostic tests employed by the dairy industry worldwide. Over 75% of the world’s raw milk is tested using Charm products. ROSA strips use patented ROSA technology to deliver fast, accurate detection in a convenient lateral flow format. ROSA Antibiotic strips include tests for Beta-lactams, Combo Tests, Chloramphenicol, Enrofloxacin, Streptomycin , Sulfonamides, Tetracyclines.

The Charm II System can test a wide range of residues in meat tissues, dairy, animal urine, farmed fish, farmed shrimp, water, eggs, feed and honey. The variety of tests along with system reliability has made Charm II the “Gold Standard” worldwide in residue avoidance programs. Available Charm II kits include tests for Aminoglycosides, Amphenicols, Beta-lactams, Macrolides, Novobiocin, Sulfonamides, and Tetracyclines.

Charm provides a variety of broad-spectrum microbial inhibition tests to easily detect antibiotic residues in milk, kidney, tissue, poultry serum, live animal urine, water and feed extracts. Charm Inhibition Tests are blue in color to start. Users add the relevant sample and incubate. The test will turn yellow during incubation if the sample is free of antimicrobial contaminants. If the sample stays blue, it indicates the presence of an inhibitor, such as an antibiotic. Charm Inhibition Tests help food producers and processors meet regulatory requirements and provide safe, compliant product to market. Available tests include: Blue Yellow II, and CowSide II.