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Charm DIP TestCharm technology is trusted by the dairy industry worldwide for fast and accurate milk residue screening. The Charm MRL Beta-lactam DIP Test detects beta-lactam drugs in raw commingled milk. The test follows a one-step procedure. Simply dip the strip into the sample and visually interpret within minutes.

The Charm DIP Test Incubator is designed to simplify testing and provide real-time results. The portable, lightweight incubator automatically adjusts to the correct temperature.


  • Runs ROSA antibiotic tests for all major drug families
  • Detects antibiotics at Safe Levels or EU, CODEX, Customs Union MRLs
  • Detects aflatoxin M1
  • Automatically selects the correct test, incubation time, and temperature
  • Is self-diagnosing; finds and displays common errors for immediate correction

Regulatory Info

  • Charm MRL Beta-lactam and RF Tetracycline DIP Test meets Russian Federation GOST regulation
  • Charm MRL Beta-lactam and Tetracycline DIP Test  meets EU and Codex regulations
  • Charm Tetracycline DIP meets EU and Codex regulations
  • Charm Beta-lactam DIP Test meets EU and CODEX regulations



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