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USDA-FGIS Awards Certificate of Conformance to Charm Sciences for Five Minute Fumonisin Test

ROSA WET-S5 Fumonisin Quantitative Test

Charm Sciences, Inc. is pleased to announce that the United States Department of Agriculture’s Federal Grain Inspection Service (USDA-FGIS) has awarded a Certificate of Conformance for the ROSA WET-S5 Fumonisin Quantitative Test (FUMQ-WETS5). The Certificate of Conformance certifies that the test has met all of USDA-FGIS’s design and performance standards and can be used for official inspection. The FUMQ-WETS5 test was first approved in 2016, and is reapproved for the detection of fumonisin in corn, corn germ meal, DDGS, oat groats, popcorn, sorghum, and wheat.

The FUMQ-WETS5 test uses Charm’s Rapid One Step Assay (ROSA) lateral flow technology to deliver highly accurate results in five minutes. The easy-to-use ROSA technology is further enhanced by Charm Sciences’ Water Extraction Technology (WET), which uses water as an extraction solvent, as opposed to ethanol or methanol, allowing negative tests to be discarded as regular waste.

“Charm is excited that FGIS reapproves FUMQ-WETS5 for the quantitative detection of fumonisin in grains.” says Mark Tess, Ph.D., Mycotoxin Product Manager. “The reapproval of the test kit without changes exhibits the accuracy and precision covered by the technology and method.”

All Charm ROSA mycotoxin tests are run on the versatile Charm EZ®-M system, which further speeds up the testing process. The Charm EZ-M system allows incubation and analysis with the same equipment and is robust enough that tests can be run at the point of receiving. Charm ROSA mycotoxin tests are available for the detection of aflatoxin, DON (vomitoxin), fumonisin, ochratoxin, T-2/HT-2 toxins, and zearalenone.

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