novaLUM II ATP Detection System

novalumIIAdvanced Sensitivity: The novaLUM II ATP Detection System is a palm sized luminometer that offers superior science for advanced sanitation control. It utilizes a technologically advanced photomultiplier tube (PMT) that amplifies ATP (adenosine triphosphate) allowing detection of lower levels of microbial and organic contamination. 

This is a distinct advantage over systems that use less sensitive PMTs or photodiodes. The novaLUM II system’s PMT has low noise, a greater dynamic range, a faster response time, and accuracy over a wider temperature range.

Audit Compliant: Meet internal and 3rd party audits with novaLUM II ATP detection system’s Swab Site Location, Re-test option, and a variety of other customizable features to comply with HACCP and GFSI documentation. The novaLUM II system even identifies areas that have not been re-cleaned and/or retested.

Customizable: Not only is the novaLUM II system extremely versatile, it is also easily customizable to your facility’s needs. Your Charm sales or service representative will assist you in programming your novaLUM II system with the names of the specific tests you will perform, so you have a completely automated test plan. Different pass/ fail thresholds can be assigned to single test areas or to categories.

Enhanced Data Analytics: The novaLUM II system has ehanced onboard data analysis tools including the ability to search historical results and add corrective action results and to generate graphs for rapid analysis of Pass/Fail percentages for key areas of the plant. With built-in wireless connectivity these graphs can be emailed to key managers immediately after pre-op.

The novaLUM II system supports a variety of HACCP-friendly Charm ATP-based tests designed to strengthen hygiene monitoring programs and QA processes. These include the PocketSwab Plus swabs, FieldSwab, WaterGiene, and AllerGiene swabs.

To learn more about ATP used as a testing source for sanitation/hygiene visit our FAQ page.