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The PocketSwab Plus rapid ATP (adenosine triphosphate) swab is room-temperature stable, self-contained, single service test that enables total surface hygiene verification in only 5 seconds, allowing real-time corrective action. The PocketSwab Plus ATP swab is relied on for cleaning verification and validation of sanitation and hygiene practices to help prevent cross-contamination and microbial challenges due to ineffective sanitation procedures. Data is collected track/trended for HACCP documentation and food safety/quality audit purposes.

Used by the food processing, pharma and healthcare industries, the PocketSwab Plus gives managers an objective tool for monitoring sanitation practices and hygiene control. The PocketSwab Plus rapidly verifies a surface is clean so workers can safely proceed with food production or providing clean rooms for patient admission.


  • Verifies successful cleaning and sanitation in five seconds
  • Detects ATP residue from microorganisms and low level biologicals (such as food or blood) which is unable to be detected by visual inspection
  • Room temperature shelf life of one year
  • Recycle or discard in regular waste
  • Accurate readings with novaLUM luminometer




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