ROSA FAST5 Fumonisin Quantitative Test

The ROSA FAST5 Fumonisin Quantitative Test enables grain and feed producers to quantitatively detect fumonisin in a five-minute assay. This Rapid One Step Assay is a quantitative lateral flow test that is read in the Charm EZ-M system or the ROSA-M Reader. Samples are extracted with 70% methanol.

The FUMQ-FAST5 test is Charm approved for the following commodities:

• Barley
• Barley/Oat Groats Blend
• Beet Pulp
• Brown Rice
• Corn
• Corn Germ Meal
• Corn Gluten Meal
• Corn Starch
• Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles
• Flaking Corn Grits
• Ginger Root
• High Amylose Corn Starch
• High Starch Sweet Potato
• M-fiber (Miscanthus Grass)
• Millet
• Oat Fiber
• Oat Fiber, Fruit, and Vegetable Blend
• Oat Groats
• Precooked Corn Meal
• Rice Bran (defatted)
• Rough Rice
• Sorghum
• Soybean Meal
• Stabilized Rice Bran
• Sweet Potato
• Wheat


• Quantitative results in five minutes
• Charm approved for 26 commodities
• Quantitation range is 0.5 to 1.5 ppm for the first dilution, 1 to 5.4 ppm for the second dilution, and greater than 5 ppm with supplemental dilution
• Extract sample with 70% methanol
• Uses same equipment as other ROSA grain tests


The FUMQ-FAST5 test is easily read on:

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