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Charm II Aminoglycosides

Two types of Charm II kits for testing the aminoglycoside family of drugs are available.

Charm II Amphenicols

The Charm II amphenicol test (CAP) detects the banned drug chloramphenicol at 1.0 ppb in milk.

Charm II Beta-lactams

Charm offers multiple Charm II Beta-lactam Tests for milk, tissue and other food products.

Charm II Macrolides

Charm II macrolides tests detect macrolides in milk, honey, eggs, grain, tissue, urine, and water.

Charm II Sulfonamides

The Charm II Sulfa Drugs tests detect sulfonamides in milk, honey, grain, and tissue.

Charm II Tetracyclines

Charm II tetracycline tests detect tetracyclines in milk, honey, eggs, fish, grain, pork, serum, tissue, urine, and water.

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