Press Release

Charm Peel Plate CC Microbial Test Reviewed by FDA and NCIMS

Charm Sciences, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Charm Peel Plate CC Microbial Test for Cultured Dairy was validated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), accepted by The National Conference of Interstate Milk Shippers (NCIMS). The FDA 2400 forms and memoranda lists the Peel Plate CC test for cultured dairy as an approved method for regulatory testing in milk laboratories. This test is specially designed to detect coliform in cultured dairy products such as yogurt and cheeses in fewer steps than has previously been required. 

“The cultured dairy Peel Plate formulation simplifies testing for gram-negative bacteria in cheese and yogurt by eliminating sample preparation and delivering a 24-hour result,” says Bob Salter, VP of Regulatory Affairs at Charm Sciences. “We thank NCIMS and FDA for evaluating performance data and approving its use in cultured dairy product testing.”

Cultured dairy products contain enzymes and cultures that can interfere with coliform tests, a problem that until now meant cultured dairy samples required a pH neutralization with a sodium bisulfite solution before testing, adding valuable time to preparation. The innovative formulation of the Peel Plate CC test for cultured dairy removes these extra steps by building in pH adjustment and background reducers that makes coliform testing of cultured dairy products easier and faster than ever before.

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