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Charm Sciences Announces MicroVal Approval for the Peel Plate EB Microbial Test

Charm Sciences is pleased to announce that its Peel Plate EB Microbial Test has received MicroVal approval. This follows the August announcement it received AOAC-Official Methods of Analysis (OMA) First Action, a US-based certification.

MicroVal is a European-based validation body, which has created a harmonious certification with AOAC to evaluate microbial test methods according to International Standards Organization (ISO) guidelines. Charm’s Peel Plate EB test is one of the first microbial tests to be certified under this evaluation process.

The evaluation assessed ten food matrices compared to reference methods and included a focused international collaborative study of infant formula. Twelve laboratory participants in five countries compared the ISO reference method to Charm’s Peel Plate EB Microbial Test. Expert reviewers of the results noted how closely the Peel Plate EB data replicated the ISO method.

“We are pleased with the Peel Plate EB test performance in the MicroVal evaluation process, and we are looking forward to providing this simplified alternative to conventional microbial testing to the food industry,” said Robert Salter, Vice President of Regulatory and Industry Affairs. “The validation for infant formula and dried dairy ingredients should be particularly helpful for the food industry, as these commodities faced some serious contamination challenges in 2018.”

European Union (EU) food standards specify detection of very low levels of Enterobacteriaceae in processed foods using ISO methods or equivalent. Many infant formula producers are multinational and require an international approval of the method they use. Increasingly in the USA, multinational food producers are adopting Enterobacteriaceae testing over coliform testing as the globally recognized regulation.  The MicroVal/AOAC certification of Peel Plate EB Microbial Test provides industry a globally recognized validation that the easier and faster Peel Plate method has the accuracy of ISO methods.

Using Charm’s Peel Plate EB testing for infant formula provides additional advantages over traditional methods and other easy to use microbial tests. It is fast to set up, does not require a sample spreader, and results are available within 24 hours. Additionally, it is validated using a singlet analysis, while traditional and competitor products, if validated at all, are validated in duplicate. Eliminating duplicates can significantly reduce ISO laboratories testing volume and cut costs in half.

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