Charm ROSA Tetracycline-SL (Dilution Confirmation) Test For purchase in the United States

TET-SL detects chlortetracycline, oxytetracycline, and tetracycline residues in raw commingled milk in the initial assay at or below 100 ppb, the EU/CODEX and Canadian Maximum Residue Limits (AMRL).

The TET-SL test also meets US Tolerance Levels using a dilution confirmation step with Tetracycline Dilution Buffer supplied with the kit. The method is approved for the NCIMS Appendix N Pilot Program described at

The method works with all existing Charm ROSA equipment, including the Charm EZ system, currently used by clients to run beta-lactam testing on trucks. No additional laboratory certification is required for those clients to start testing to meet the tetracycline Pilot program testing requirements.