Charm Meets with Japanese Delegates to Discuss Global Trends in Antibiotic Detection

In November 2015, Bob Markovsky, VP of Operations for Charm Sciences, visited the Sapporo region of Japan to discuss global trends in antibiotic detection with Charm distributors, and government delegates. He also met with several large dairy operations to address ways of improving their current detection systems.

“Charm has developed specific tests to meet local detection level regulations for the dairy, meat, and grain industries,” said Markovsky. “We wanted to impress upon them that we will work quickly to address any changes needed to meet their needs.”

In addition, Japan will soon be announcing new regulations for aflatoxin M1 in milk. Charm’s ROSA SLAFM and ROSA SLAFMQ are two approved methods available to meet these regulations.

About Charm Sciences

Established in 1978 in Greater Boston, Charm Sciences helps protect consumers, manufacturers, and global brands from a variety of issues through the development of food safety, water quality, and environmental diagnostics tests and equipment. Selling directly and through its network of distributors, Charm’s products serve the dairy, feed and grain, food and beverage, water, healthcare, environmental, and industrial markets in more than 100 countries around the globe.