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The Charm 20-place incubator is used when performing the Charm CowSide II, KIS, PasLite, and CideLite tests. The temperature and timer are fully programmable. The temperature is controlled to ±1°C, and the incubator automatically shuts off at the end of the incubation program.

CowSide II detects all major classes of antibiotics (beta-lactams, sulfonamides, tetracyclines, macrolides, and aminoglycosides) in milk and is ideal for large volume screening on the dairy farm.

The KIS test detects antimicrobial drugs in fresh or thawed kidney t

The PasLite test is used by dairies and food manufacturers to verify proper milk pasteurization by detecting alkaline phosphatase.

The CideLite broad spectrum pesticide test detects all organophosphate and N-methylcarbamate insecticides and their active metabolites on fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat.


  • Incubates 20 tests at a time
  • Compatible with multiple Charm tests
  • Built in timer and automatic shutoff
  • Custom sized for Charm tests



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