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The Charm II radioimmunoassay aflatoxin test for grain detects aflatoxin B1 at 5 to 40 ppb. The test is typically set to screen samples containing 10 ppb or less. This is below the US action level. The Charm II system can be used to test any grain.

Charm II tests run on the Charm II system and are designed for use by veterinarians, laboratory and regulatory personnel. They provide a comprehensive analysis of biological residues on multiple matrices, and meet EU MRLs and US FDA Safe Levels.

Charm II tests use a binding reagent with specific receptor sites. The binder is added to a sample along with an exempt amount of labeled tracer. Any drugs in the sample compete for the binding sites with this tracer. The amount of tracer that binds to the receptor sites is measured and compared to a previously determined Control Point. The Control Point is the cutoff point between a negative or positive sample. The greater the amount of tracer measured, the lower the drug concentration in the sample. The smaller the amount of tracer measured, the greater the drug concentration in the sample.


  • Tests detect aflatoxin B1 at or below the US Safe Level
  • Tests take 10 to 15 minutes
  • Test any grain
  • One platform tests multiple sample types (milk, tissue, fish, urine, serum, grain, eggs, honey, water)
  • Tests designed for use by veterinary, laboratory, field, and regulatory personnel

Regulatory Info

  • Meets European Union regulations for maize subjected to sorting or treatment of 5.0 ppm


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