Fast Phage PA

Fast Phage PA qualitatively detects as little as one coliphage per 100 mL water sample. The presence or absence of coliphage in ground water is considered a fecal contamination indicator. The Fast Phage PA method gives an early warning indicator in eight hours—enabling same-day remediation. Confirmation is available in 16 hours—much sooner than traditional methods.

In two peer review collaborative studies, the Fast Phage PA method was demonstrated equivalent to coliphage method US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 1601. The method is currently an EPA accepted method for detection of fecal contamination in compliance with the US Ground Water Rule.

The method involves adding a media pouch and Escherichiacoli tablet to a 100 mL water sample and incubating for five hours at 39°C. After incubation for five hours, the culture is transferred to fluorescent media and incubated three additional hours. If the culture fluoresces, it is over 90% predictive of coliphage presence and fecal contamination. The 5-hour culture is also spotted on to a prepared, seeded agar plate of E.coli for overnight confirmation and verification of plaque formation, 16 hours from the beginning of testing.


  • Detects coliphage in water in 8 to 16 hours
  • Approved in compliance with EPA Ground Water Rule; equivalent to US EPA Method 1601
  • Detects as few as one coliphage per 100 mL water sample
  • Provides easy-to-read visual results
  • Pre-measured and pre-prepared reagents
  • Separate kits available for the somatic and F+ coliphage

Regulatory Info

  • US Environmental Protection Agency approved – Equivalent to US EPA Method 1601

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