Charm II 6600 / 7600

The Charm II system provides comprehensive food safety testing for multiple food matrices. The Charm II 6600 is used to test for a wide range of residues in milk and honey. The Charm 7600 (shown above) is used for milk, egg, fish, grain, honey, serum, tissue, urine, and water testing.

With the Charm II system, laboratories can test for the following residues:

  • Antibiotics, including aminoglycosides, amphenicols, beta-lactams, macrolides, novobiocin, sulfonamides, and tetracyclines
  • Aflatoxin B1 in grain and aflatoxin M1 in milk
  • Pesticides, using the Charm CideLite test
  • Alkaline phosphatase (a biomarker for incomplete pasteurization), using the Charm PasLite test
  • ATP (for hygiene), using the PocketSwab Plus and other Charm swabs.

Charm II is the choice of food industry laboratories and regulators around the world because of the wide variety of tests offered and the system’s versatility, reliability, and accuracy.

Many labs use the Charm II to screen food products for domestic monitoring or international trade. Other labs use the Charm II in conjunction with HPLC to detect and identify specific antimicrobial drugs and their metabolites.