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The Charm Dry Well 4 Place Incubator runs the Charm CowSide II test, while the Charm Digital Dry Block Incubator runs multiple KIS, PasLite or CideLite tests. The Charm II Inctronic II is a dual electronic incubator for up to 24 tests at once.

ROSA Incubators

ROSA incubators ensure all Charm antibiotic and mycotoxin strips receive a fixed incubation temperature, no matter what the operating and ambient temperatures. A constant temperature and level surface optimizes the flow of sample along the ROSA lateral flow tests. This allows for proper test development for visual interpretation, quantitation on ROSA Readers, or batch incubation for the Charm EZ and Charm EZ-M systems.

Digital Dry Block Incubator

The Charm 20-place incubator is used when performing the Charm CowSide II, KIS, PasLite, and CideLite tests. The temperature and timer are fully programmable. The temperature is controlled to ±1°C, and the incubator automatically shuts off at the end of the incubation program.

There are approximately 250 million people world-wide who suffer from food allergies which can often be fatal.

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