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At Charm Sciences, our rapid diagnostic tests including our microbial, mycotoxin, ATP, and antibiotic tests are always in stock. This guarantees that risks are detected quickly and reliably. As the global leader in rapid diagnostics you can expect unmatched quality that is always available. Contact us today to learn more!

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Peel Plate Microbial Tests

Charm Sciences’ Peel Plate Microbial Tests offer an innovative approach to microbial detection, providing simplified and effective testing. These tests are designed for ease of use, allowing the sample to wick and diffuse through the plate quickly, making them suitable for sanitation verification and product shelf life monitoring.

ROSA Lateral Flow Mycotoxin Strips

The ROSA Lateral Flow Mycotoxin Strips by Charm Sciences utilize patented ROSA technology to deliver rapid and accurate mycotoxin detection. These strips are designed for convenience and efficiency, offering a fast and reliable method to test for various mycotoxins, including aflatoxin and DON/vomitoxin. The lateral flow format ensures ease of use to ensure food safety and compliance with regulatory standards.

PocketSwab Plus Rapid ATP Swab

The PocketSwab Plus Rapid ATP Swab from Charm Sciences is a single-use, room-temperature stable test designed to verify total surface hygiene rapidly. This self-contained test provides results in just five seconds, enabling quick and effective cleanliness verification. The rapid ATP test is crucial for maintaining high hygiene standards in food and beverage industries, ensuring that surfaces are free from contaminants and safe for use.

Charm ROSA Antibiotic Strips

Charm ROSA Antibiotic Strips are essential for detecting antibiotic residues in various samples. These strips provide quick and precise results, ensuring that products comply with safety standards and regulations. The ROSA technology enables reliable detection of antibiotic residues, safeguarding consumers and maintaining the integrity of food and feed products. These strips are designed for ease of use, offering a straightforward testing method that integrates seamlessly into routine quality control processes.