MycoTube Portable Aflatoxin Screening Test

The 5-minute Aflatoxin field test you can use anywhere. MycoTube test is the only rapid, qualitative assay to visually detect aflatoxin in maize and peanuts. Each MycoTube vial contains extraction powder and one lateral flow strip in dipstick format. The MycoTube cap doubles as a scoop for ground samples and water. Incubation is at room temperature and it’s designed to generate positive results at 20 ppb.

To get a clear and accurate test anywhere, you only need the MycoTube test, your sample, and water. Follow these six simple steps:

Add ground sample into MycoTube vial.

Add water.

Shake and settle.

Insert MycoTube strip.

Let sit for 5 minutes.

Read results.


  • No equipment, solvent, or electricity required
  • Detection levels between 10 to 100 ppb
  • Results in only 5 minutes


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