Phosphatase Overview

Dairy Pasteurization

Alkaline phosphatase is an enzyme naturally present in raw milk. It is an excellent indicator to verify completeness of proper milk pasteurization. Charm Alkaline Phosphatase Tests measure phosphatase activity via a selective substrate whereby the hydrolyzed product from the enzyme reaction generates a luminescence signal which is then interpreted by a Charm luminometer.

PasLite is an excellent fit for dairy HACCP as it determines pasteurization problems long before they reach a level of critical concern and can deliver results in under four minutes. No reagent preparation or warm-up time is required, and multiple samples can be run simultaneously.

Charm F-AP Test is the fastest available phosphatase method to verify the completeness of pasteurization in milk products. The simple one-step procedure requires no reagent preparation and delivers results in just 45 seconds for most products.