Peel Plate Colony Counter

The Peel Plate Colony Counter accurately and reliably counts colonies on Peel Plate microbial tests.

Plug & Play
The Charm Peel Plate Colony Counter is a stand alone unit that does not require a separate computer connection.


Increase productivity and reduce human error with accuracy within 10 % of an experienced microbiologist’s visual count. The Peel Plate Colony Counter is able to detect and quantify spreader colonies on Peel Plate tests.


Calibration Checks safeguard test results by stopping testing when out of specification. Frequency of calibration checks are customized to occur on start-up and after a programmed number of Peel Plate tests have been counted.

Review Result

Raw images, processed images, and test results are all stored as .jpegs. Results can be reviewed by users and administrators as .csv files or exported directly into an SQL (or compatible) database.

Secure and Customizable

Two different user levels allow for Operators to run tests and review results and Administrators to archive data, set up new Operators, and set up new Peel Plate types.

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