Charm EZ Lite System

ez-liteCharm Residue Testing Made Simple and Affordable
By combining the new Charm EZ Lite system with Charm ROSA (Rapid One Step Assay) lateral flow strips for antibiotics and M1 mycotoxins, testing is simplified, and reliable results are available and documented from farm to table.

The Charm EZ Lite system is designed for use anywhere. The combined incubator/reader simplifies testing, ensures against operator error and provides live data transfer, including serial communication to truck computer, LIMS, or printer.

Each ROSA strip's unique color ID tape is recognized by the Charm EZ Lite system which then provides instant adjustment of incubation time, temperature and test calibration based on the test being used.

Data storage, transfer and firmware updates are secure through a Data Management SD Card.

A lithium Ion battery (on selected models only) provides 8 hours of runtime or flexible 9-30 VDC or external DC power for use in the lab.